Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monkey Bridges near Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

By Jason

1. About the Monkey Bridges
Monkey bridges are blue ropes so that monkeys don't have to walk across the road every time they have to cross. Before, monkeys were either using the power lines or walking across the road. Some monkeys were electrocuted and hit by cars.
2. How the Monkey Bridges Began
Two girls saved up money to buy land. Then they created monkey bridges so that monkeys could cross from one side of the road to another, but still some were getting electrocuted, but none were getting hit by cars.

They raised up the population by more than double the Titi monkeys. Ten years ago there were only 1,200, but since the monkey bridges began, there kept being more and more Titi monkeys. There are now 3,700.

The two girls made an organization called Kids Saving The Rainforest.


  1. Hi Kraft Family!
    We just heard from OMG that they featured you on the National Geographic Blog and that you talked about KSTR. We love the circle and how everything connects! We hope you are all doing great! It was great being a part of your adventure!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! We love telling the KSTR story - and also enjoy the "circle" - Keep up you're amazing work!