Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monkey Mia - dolphins!!!!

By Jamie

Monkey Mia is one of the places we stayed at in Australia.  When we got to Monkey Mia, the first thing we did was to swim in the ocean!  The next day we went to the dolphin interaction area and went to three feedings.  We even got to feed fish to the dolphins.  The dolphin I fed was named Nikki.

4 dolphins swimming close to us
Dolphin close-up
Me feeding Nikki
It was awesome!  Dolphins are my favorite animals.
During the dolphin feedings we also saw a venomous sea snake.  It came right up to the shore in very shallow water.
Sea snake
We had a car with a pop-up roof-top tent.  It was actually built to fit 5 people, so we fit in well.  We really liked the tent!

At Monkey Mia we also went on a boat tour.  On the tour we saw turtles, dugongs, and dolphins.  There were two dolphins that were racing the boat!  You can see them in the video below.  We also saw two manta rays and fish.  On the front of the boat they had nets that you could sit on.  At one point on the tour, off the back of the boat they put a different net that touches the water when you sit in it.  The boat moves its normal speed and the water splashes you in the net.

Dugong (related to a manatee)
Dugong close-up
Me on the front net
Us on the boom net...
The boat's moving!

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