Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vegetarian in India

Jamie and Jason have been doing lots of standardized testing lately, so we're catching up on posts:  here's an update from them on India.

Jamie:  In India we were vegetarian for a month. The reason we went vegetarian was that Jason challenged us to do it in Perú for a week, but it was hard to do in Perú. So we suggested to do it for a month in India because it is very easy to do there.  We decided that we could still eat some fish, because the fish is good in the south. Jason challenged us because meat is not good for the environment. (It takes more than 600 gallons of water to make one hamburger!)

It was kind of easy, but the one part that was kind of hard was not eating bacon. I ate a lot of things, like: paneer makhani; rice; naan; chapati; raita.

Jason: Being vegetarian in India was successful.  I am very proud about getting Mama, Diddy and Jamie to not eat any meat.


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